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A Note Regarding Upcoming Products
June 23, 2016

Our goal, moving forward, is to begin transitioning to the Open Rails platform, exclusively.  For over 10 years, we have supported the MS Train Simulator platform, and will continue to do so for the next number of months.  From a vendor standpoint, MS Train Simulator was an easy platform on which to provide expansion packs, since, by default, it had a registry entry for installation paths.  Open Rails has much more flexibility in that regard, because you can link multiple content folders.  Unfortunately, not all our customers are familiar with this process, so from our standpoint, we have to be able to generate installation routines which will work.  To create content for Open Rails in a dedicated content folder, we would require, at the very least, a route in that folder to run trains.  We do have some routes in development, which are geared more towards Open Rails’ capabilities, and when they are completed, they will be dedicated Open Rails releases.  In the meantime, our train set packages will remain compatible with both Open Rails and MSTS platforms. This is going to be a process, and the transition will take some time.  Thanks.